Q.  How long will it take to receive my order (shipping)?

A.  Orders can take up to four weeks to ship.

Q.  If I select Pick Up At The Family Day Activities when will it be available?

A.  Your order will be available to pick up approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours prior to the start of the Family Day Activities. We will have a table set up, usually selling battery tee shirts and hats.

Q. If I select to have my order shipped to me will I receive it before I come for Family Day and Graduation?

A.  No, if you are coming to Ft. Sill for Family Day or Graduation please select to pick up at Family Day Activities.

Q.  Will my soldier have the chance to purchase a shirt?

A.  Yes, your soldier will have the chance to order platoon items.  

Q.  Are the shirts I order online, going to be the same as the one my soldier orders?

A.  Yes, if you order a shirt before the description says "2nd generation print" then it will be screen printed with the soldiers' order.  If you order a shirt and the description say "2nd generation print", then it's the same art, though the colors may vary due to the difference in printing technique.  Also, with a  "2nd generation print" item, there will be no sleeve art.   

Q.  Will shirts be available to purchase at my soldiers graduation?

 A. Yes, a limited amount will be available to purchase at the graduation. There will be an option to place an order to be shipped to you in the event that what you are needing is sold out. Note: Shipping charges will apply. Please allow up to four weeks to receive your order.

Q.  My soldier graduates this week. I saw their artwork last week, but it's not there anymore. What happened to it?

A. We take the artwork for graduating batteries off the website the week of graduation so as to not become overwhelmed with orders. They are re-posted after the graduation, usually at 3:00 PM CTZ.